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From La Plata County Recall

Recall Petition

Press Release 2.22.18

Gwen Lachelt and her Work with “Non-Profits”


Free Range Report

Lachelt’s Slanderous Actions and Dirty Politics

Gwen’s Supporters Resort to Vandalizing Local Business

California Billionaire Tom Steyer Funds Lachelt’s Efforts to Undermine the Will of the People

Lachelt’s Lobbying Activities Spur Recall


Western Wire

Lachelt’s Hypocrisy on “Special Interests” and Tom Steyer

Questions on Gwen’s “Advocacy Efforts”

Lachelt’s Ethics Concerns Never End

Promise of “Transparency” but Questions Still go Unanswered

Gwen’s History of Ethics Violations

Lachelt’s Lies on Travel Exposed

Gwen is no Stranger to Controversy


Colorado Peak Politics

Recall not Over! 

Lachelt Supporters Get Nasty

Firing of KKC Won’t Stop Recall

Colorado Peak Politics Article


Durango Herald

Colorado Recall Law Allows for Extra Time

Finally a Redaction is Printed, One Month After the Lies Were Originally Told

Lachelt Vows to Use Legal Action to Challenge Signatures

Gwen’s Supporters Vandalize Local Business

Lachelt missed Oxford meeting and more

Gwen’s Policies Force Budget Cuts

Lachelt not Representing her Constituents

Gwen Chooses to Slander, Rathern than Address Recall Facts

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