Although the LUC was the galvanizing issue behind the Recall, Lachelt’s dirty politics have been on display for years…

  • Lachelt’s effort to stop the Recall is known as “United Against the Recall” This issues committee receives funding from Conservation Colorado. Who is funded by California billionaire Tom Steyer. Steyer’s political machine NextGen has jumped into smaller races all across Colorado, and is poised to do more.
  • Conservation Colorado also employed a for-profit company called Grassroots Campaingns Inc. They specialize in political advertising, social media outreach, and paid activists. Their headquarters are in Massachusetts. But they are just a drop in the bucket when it comes to outside money that supports Lachelt.
  • We invite you to look for yourself. Through the Colorado Secretary of State website, you can search for contributions to the campaigns: United Against the Recall, La Plata County for Gwen Lachelt, (and also Gwen Lachelt for La Plata County) The amount of large contributions from outside entities and individuals is astonishing. But the hypocrisy has gone unreported by local media.
  • The real question must be raised. How well funded is her “non-profit” Western Leaders Network? Who exactly is funding WLN? What motivations do these people have? Lachelt founded, directs, and is paid a salary by WLN. Several times her conflicts of interest have been brought up. Yet, she continues to operate behind the anonymity that is afforded to non-profits. If her WLN is paying her, and she is advancing their goals through her actions as a County Commisioner, how could it not be a conflict of interest? Bring up this argument and you will be labeled and discredited. Time for truth to prevail…
  • Gwen likes to say that she has never voted against an Oil & Gas project. But as soon as she was elected, she moved to introduce a moratorium on any new drilling in the County. Also, she didn’t need to vote against new projects, her predecessors had already regulated the industry so heavily it made it cost prohibitive to drill here. And you know how they did it? Through the Land Use Code, that’s right

No wonder updating and securing the LUC has been such a primary objective of hers since she took office.

  • Her supporters claim that the downturn in O&G is simply supply-and-demand; Then why is drilling taking place across the border in New Mexico? Why is it still going on throughout Colorado?

Bringing up this issue, and showing concern for the huge loss of revenue for the County doesn’t make you an “Oil & Gas Lobbyist.” There is absolutely NO Oil & Gas Company funding the Recall or contributing to the effort. We are 100% local based.

  • The accusations that she has recklessly thrown around are slander. There is no AFP involvement, no O&G, and no Koch Brothers. What’s next? Will she blame the Russians? Or maybe aliens? We are concerned citizens, we simply demand transparency and accountability from our Elected Officials.
  • On multiple occasions Lachelt has sought to use County funds to further her personal crusades. Most recently, she was defeated on taking a stance in a lawsuit that had nothing to do with La Plata County. With the County already suffering from budget setbacks, Lachelt’s course has been the epitome of irresponsibility. Thank goodness Julie and Brad realized the absurdity of her actions, and voted against this ridiculous move!
  • Instead of pursuing fiscally responsible policies, Lachelt has instead opted for increased taxes (at least three times) and generation of new revenue sources through fines and permits, via the LUC. The “Scenic Overlays” and “River Corridors” will do little to nothing to promote economic diversification, preserve the environment and protect wildlife; all at the cost of the landowner.
  • Lachelt’s ethics violations have been well documented. In February, the BOCC had to update their code of ethics because of her violations. The fact that she didn’t disclose her travel last year is bad, but what is immoral and unethical is how she presented herself solely as a County Commissioner. In no way does being an Elected Official give you the right to lobby for your own interest, but say you represent your constituents. If a non-profit pays for you to travel and speak on their behalf, you are THEIR representative.
  • Lachelt claims the Recall Effort is a subversion of democracy (yet she has also said “Democracy is an imperfect system”- arouses curiosity as to exactly which system she thinks would be “more perfect”) The truth is that Recall of an Elected Official is a just and legal avenue for citizens to pursue, outlined in the Colorado Constitution. Recalls have been successful all throughout the State in order to reinstate accountability and restore the public trust.
  • Further, Lachelt has vowed to use legal action to challenge validity of signatures. This would absolutely constitute a subversion of democracy. Obstructing the will of the people is one of the core concerns. A County Official is supposed to represent the needs and desires of all their constituents, they are not “elected to make decisions” based on their own pre-determined agenda.
  • Lachelt has been given ample opportunity to face her charges and disclose her financials. What exactly is she hiding? Why does she insist on discrediting and slandering her opposition? Does she not believe in government transparency and accountability? These are legitimate questions, deserving of answers.


We have been given the rare opportunity to stand up to corruption and dishonesty. We can’t change what happens in Washington, but we can change what happens in our own County…  STAND WITH US